The Gorman Difference

The way it should be…

Always Fresh & Healthy
Always Top Quality
Always A Great Family Experience


We are exclusively a CSA farm, and only open to members throughout the harvest season. This means that, our primary focus is on the member experience and the highest quality crop production.

We provide up to 50 different crops and up to 100 varieties. We have been recognized for high rates of yearly CSA member retention. We have long term happy customers, who return year after year. We cherish our reputation and work hard to uphold it. We strive to create a phenomenal experience and value potential for our members.

It is important that you make a confident decision with your purchase. You should feel great knowing that OUR CSA works for YOUR lifestyle. We only want your business if it is good for you!

Your Gorman Farm CSA provides you with additional benefits that people search for when joining a CSA program.
  • “Market Style Pickups” – choose your produce from our farmer’s market like displays.
  • Gorman Farms CSA shares are not packed in a box.
  • Elite access to fresh and nutritious foods.
  • Diverse variety throughout the season.

Gorman Giving Back

Participating in Gorman Farm CSA is not only providing the means for a farm in our neighborhood but it is also giving back to the community.

Any crops, not selected each week, are donated to the Maryland Food Bank and other local food pantries. (Our members don’t feel badly if they can’t make it from time to time or don’t like certain vegetables that are offered.) Click here for more information.

  • Support a healthier lifestyle through a better diet.
  • Keep your kitchen well stocked with high quality local food.
  • Members receive only our produce and produce from partnering farms; not products from outside sources.
  • Support local agriculture.
  • Pick-Your-Own Flower and Herb Garden – Interactive and exclusive to CSA Members with seasonally available flowers, herbs and select veggies.

Additional Information

  • Out of town – No Problem
  • Can’t make it this week – No Problem
  • Don’t like certain crops – No Problem
  • Your food will not be wasted. You can let anyone pickup on your behalf, or skip any selections and know that you just gave back to those directly in need.
  • No Permissions Needed for changing your pickup day when life throws you a curve ball.
  • Long Pickup Windows for those who cannot come until later.
  • Click here to learn how not to worry if you can’t use it all, all the time.
  • Our offerings at each week’s pickup are abundant in quantity and diverse choices.
  • We provide a way to trade out different selections and choose from someone else.
  • Market Style Pickups are set up like a farmer’s market in a beautiful old barn.
  • We provide you with Gorman Farms re-usable shopping bags.
  • Often we offer an “Choice Section” of extras and abundances you can select, in addition to your share.
  • When crops peek in their normal life cycle, we will offer large quantities that can be preserved.
  • Extend your value way beyond the growing season by freezing, canning, fermenting and drying.
  • In 2019, we distributed 195,000 lbs of organic produce to our Summer CSA Members. That’s over 97 tons!
  • Last year, Full Share received roughly $980.00 worth of retail produce for only $830.00. Medium Share’s ratio was proportional to this as well.
  • Your zest for preparations will enrich your palette and your home with the happiness and bonding experiences of creating great food and eating meals together.
  • Broadening your horizons with the connection between nutritious foods and the health of your family.
  • We purposefully indulge you in those intensive periods of abundance within the harvest.
  • Our members have found a new relationship with their health and food by having access to a consistent supply of nutritious food.
  • We offer a variety of produce that includes many staple favorites of our modern diets.
  • Most members fall in love with new things that they never would have tried before.
  • Your health and kitchen experience will benefit.
  • This CSA is an education of high quality, organically raised food and a rich experience. It will put you in touch with seasonal eating and how our bodies were made to feel.
  • The CSA fosters wellness, creativity, and trying new things.

The foods are high quality and abundant.

Vicki S.
Columbia, MD

I loved the whole concept of eating local farm food. Appreciating the time and effort that goes into food is a wonderful experience. Teaching my daughter that eating local can be exciting and delicious. Our experience has been wonderful!

Sheila M.
Burtonsville, MD

Gorman Farm has enriched our family's palate and kitchen in so many ways! My children eagerly search the chalk board listing for kale and clamor for kale chips! My 14-year-old son makes pickles on his own. Kohlrabi is a snack staple. Thank you for making it so easy for us to eat healthy food and actually see where it is coming from! We live 1.5 miles away from your farm, and I love that my suburban kids know their veggies so well! 🙂 Thank you for providing such rich value year after year for our family!

Mary H.
Columbia, MD

What a great experience! Easy to get to and to gather the food, great weekly newsletter!

Susan B.

I didn't anticipate how relaxing picking up the veggies would be. Everyone was always so friendly, and being in a barn is so much more soothing and relaxing than a grocery store.

Sheila B.
Laurel, MD

I came from years with another CSA. This was a far superior experience. Quality, quantity and price were top notch.

Carole K.
Columbia, MD