Meet Your Farmer

Dave and Lydia Liker

Dave has been growing sustainable crops and involved in sustainable agriculture for almost 25 years. Growing up and working in southern California, as well as high altitude Colorado, Dave has been cultivating ground in several diverse climates. Always pushing towards a more sustainable relationship with our planet, Dave has turned many soil types into productive lands that have fed many people for over two decades.

Lydia brings a passion and enthusiasm to Gorman Farms. Lydia has been involved in several aspects of animal husbandry and sustainable green-building for over 20 years in the USA, Mexico and England. Lydia’s ability to prepare the farm’s fresh produce has helped her lead the recipes and kitchen efficiency content of the CSA newsletters.

Dave and Lydia are raising four children on the farm. All the kids are bearing witness to and getting involved in the simple pleasures of a farm lifestyle. The kids all eat and love their broccoli and spinach as they have a strong connection to where it came from and what was involved to get it on their plates.


The Crew

Gorman Farms has a stellar staff of highly talented and motivated individuals. Along side Dave and Lydia, they are creating and providing high quality produce. Gorman Farms is dedicated to its conscientious and diligent staff. The farm is a sum of its parts and we are honored to be working along side such great talent.

Kathryn Underwood: Operations Manager

Growing up with a mini farm in her suburban backyard, Kathryn learned at an early age the fantastic difference in home grown produce versus grocery store bought produce. After a career in cultural resource preservation, Kathryn made the shift to agriculture nearly 10 years ago.  First in produce distribution through a local online start-up and then completing an apprenticeship in Urban Farming.  Kathryn is now managing multiple aspects of operations on the farm as well as running the greenhouses. Kathryn is passionate about helping the Gorman staff connect its members with the delicious produce and the whole farm experience.

Ricardo Gomez: Field Production Manager

Ricardo has been managing the field crew and production systems, along side Farmer Dave, since 2010. He maintains Gorman’s high standards of sustainable crop production. Ricardo’s dedication to the farm has helped productivity soar over a short period of time. Ricardo is responsible for all the crop management systems on the farm, from planting up through harvest. We are so fortunate to have Ricardo and his consistent dedication and attention to detail.

One Straw Farm

In 2019, Gorman Farms and One Straw Farm joined forces as farming partners to help one another stay viable in this ever – changing climate.

Back in 2006 a visit to One Straw Farm gave birth to the inception of Gorman Farms. Their advice and support is a substantial reason that Gorman Farms exists today. Gorman used many ‘direct from experience’ strategies from the One Straw playbook to get the farm off the ground back in 2008. Gorman has consistently looked to One Straw as an advisor and as a benchmark of quality, for all aspects of sustainable food production.

One Straw Farm is lovingly tended by Joan and Drew Norman. Joan and Drew are two of the original pioneers of organic vegetables in Maryland. They were one of the first and largest certified organic vegetable farms in the state. With years of certified organic status under their belts, they are a leader when it comes to quality, consistency, cleanliness, and diversity. One Straw Farm also has GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification and the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance.

One Straw Farm provides a significant portion of the produce offered in the CSA program at Gorman Farms. Their attention to detail and experience as a leader in production is a strong component to the Gorman Farms CSA program.

Charlie Brandts: Beekeeper

Charlie raises bees full time in multiple locations and is the Beekeeper for the White House. A careful, considerate, and meticulous beekeeper with decades of experience, Charlie is a testament to the craft by his endless attention and understanding of the bees fight for survival. The relationship bees play with producing bountiful crops can not be highlighted enough. His bees play a key role in feeding humans. Charlie’s bees support Gorman crops and our crops support his bees. Charlie and Gorman Farms have had a synergistic and reciprocal relationship for 10+ years.