CSA Share Value

Over the last decade, Gorman Farms has built a successful community driven business. We strive for high standards of quality, consistency, diversity and quantity.  To maintain these high standards, we must over-produce each year insuring we maintain top quality when events outside of our control take place.  Often, this over production is successfully harvested and we give our members a first right of refusal before produce goes to donations.  More about our donations.

There is a difference between the value we charge for a CSA membership and the actual value received each week. This is important because our members receive the extra benefits.  The weekly value received outweighs what you pay for.  We offer this bonus in value to show our appreciation to our members and to invest in our future as a business model that does not penalize the customer when mother nature presents the unexpected.

The value of your share is built into the program and into each share you collect.  We distribute substantial surplus to all of our members each and every season that far outweighs the direct retail cost of the produce received.  If you spent the same dollar amount at the grocery store checkout over the course of the season, you would receive less produce than you would through the Gorman CSA.  On average, our CSA members have received weekly produce worth $53 for full shares and $38 for medium shares. This translates to a savings of $10 and $5 each and every week you participate with Gorman CSA.  We have maintained these savings for over a decade and while not every year will be the same, we will continue to pass these savings on to you.

In addition to surplus produce, your CSA membership also gains you exclusive access to our Pick-Your-Own Flower and Herb Garden.  This garden is labor of love requiring up-front costs as well as maintenance throughout the season.  Through strong customer feedback, we have learned that the garden enhances the CSA experience and we provide this feature free of charge to our members.  We understand that not everyone can utilize the garden every week and because of this have decided to solely shoulder the production costs.

Rarely do we fall back on the common CSA adage that ‘the customer suffers if the farmer suffers.’  There are those occasions, but few and far between with Gorman Farms.

In farming, each year present itself with a unique set of problems to solve.  We manage a perishable product and substantial production elements which are Mother Nature dependent and out of our control.  As our business forges ahead, we must be careful where we find our margins.  Farming has never been highly lucrative.  Maintaining a profitable business while shouldering the burden of the uncontrollable elements is a delicate balancing act.

Last year with COVID we felt an even greater need to deliver a superior experience and we did everything we could to push over and above.  2020 turned out to be one of the most abundant years to date and at a time when our community needed it most.  This year, our CSA member management system called it quits and we were forced to make a change to one of our foundational processes.  We have new costs here that are far above what we have had for over a decade.

Over the past decade, we have given over $125,000 in returning member discounts.

As we usher in the next decade with Gorman Farms it is our hope that our returning members will continue to invest in community supported agriculture.  During the signup process you will likely notice that the returning member discount is not applied to your purchase.  We recognize a savings is always beneficial to everyone; however, with ever increasing costs, this is simply not something we can afford to continue.

While we love to satisfy our customers and offer this discount as our appreciation for your continued patronage, we must always watch our bottom line. The health of the business must be in-line in order to provide for your health through our services. We hope to maintain your business and that your year(s) with us have proven to be of high value.